Break Through 1 – From Progression Series – Oil on Canvas

From the acclaimed series Progression, this 48″x48″ oil on canvas stands out as an excellent example of his early 2001 group of work.



What we have here is a captivating piece by G. R. Hewitt-Brown from the series “Progressions.” This oil painting is a testament to the artist’s ability to navigate the complexities of abstraction with a deft hand. The composition is a study in contrasts—note how the stark, almost brutalist black and grey strokes relent to the gentle, ethereal whispers of beige and white. But then, as if refusing to be subdued by the monochrome, bursts of a rebellious, fiery red demand our attention, slicing through the canvas with a visceral energy.

In a manner akin to the push and pull of a cityscape, the painting speaks to the relentless advance of modernity, with all its chaos and order, its decay and growth. Hewitt-Brown’s work here is not just a visual experience; it’s an invocation of the senses, a conversation between the canvas and the observer, with each textured layer a syllable in a much larger discourse on progress, perhaps even a commentary on the human condition.

One can’t help but feel drawn into the depths of this abstract urban narrative, finding both solace and disquiet in its complexity. The painting, with its bold lines and impasto surfaces, is as much an exploration of form and color as it is an embodiment of the artist’s philosophical musings. It’s a piece that doesn’t just hang on the wall—it lives, it breathes, and it converses with those who are perceptive enough to listen.

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Dimensions 48 × 48 cm





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